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CloZee gives fans a double dose of new material with ‘Spiral’ music video + ‘Lucy’ remix

Fresh off her massive US tour, tribal bass queen CloZee returned home to her beautiful hometown of Toulouse in Southern France. After taking a second to breathe and take in the scenic mountain views of the Pyrenees stretch, Chloé Herry went right back to work.

Two new projects emerged during her short time home. The first is her remix of French composer Senbëi‘s “Lucy,” which CloZee played during her set this year at Lightning In A Bottle. Since that time, the track has become a highly-requested fan favorite. Characterized by light-hearted guitar pucks, flute-led melodies, and glitchy breakdowns, the treatment takes listeners right back to the dance floors of her Evasion tour. The track also arrives as an official remix on Senbeëi’s 11-track Ningyo Remixes, available for streaming and purchase now.

The second project is a new music video for her album’s fifth track, “Spiral,” out now on Midnight Escape Records. Directed by Cedric Gleyal, and starring Laura Pettenati and Juliette Canouet, the music video begins in the Boxing Center of Toulouse. Set against scenic city views, the story follows a professional female boxer as she moves from the training ring into the city streets for a night of dancing at La Cave à Rock. While on the dance floor, she is taken by the hand of another woman as they head out of the club and into a cab home together.

“It’s an ode to the strong people who follow their hearts, despite the judgments of what they should do,” says CloZee of the music video’s inspiration.

CloZee will return to to her Evasion tour after Christmas, with added dates in California, Vancouver, and Australia.