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Russ Liquid releases multi-dimensional 5-track ‘ECLECTRIC’ EP on WAKAAN

It’s been a minute since Russ Liquid stepped outside of his three-piece band, The Russ Liquid Test. Now the NOLA-based trumpeter, keyboardist, and beat maker has been working hard to make his mark on Liquid Stranger’s esteemed WAKAAN label. Dipping into the pool of experimental bass and soul, with a touch of influence from
the UK bass scene, Russ Liquid delivers fully on his 5-track ECLECTRIC EP.

“NISABA” leads the EP into full throttle with its electrifying expressions, featuring rhythmic breaks and earth shuddering vibrations. Next up is “NUSKA,” a concoction of eerie wubs and dazzling drum breakdowns right before “INANNA” shows off Russ Liquid’s gift for merging riffs with heavy bass rumbles. Before long, “DON’T LEAVE ME” takes the project to soulful dimensions with stutteringly smooth drum lines that emerge against a calming, yet hair-raising ambience. Drawing the EP to its close, “GUARDIAN” accelerates the landscape with face-rattling basslines and an impeccable moment of finality.

If nothing else, the project affirms one thing: Russ Liquid’s WAKAAN debut has placed him within his own lane of bass music that few could attest to, with its sound versatility and genre-defying bravery.