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Snails is launching an original comic book series, ‘THE SLUGGERNAUT’

Snails looks to be joining the likes of REZZ and Steve Aoki in fashioning their own comic book universe. The vomitstep pioneer has recently launched the first volume in his brand new comic concept, The Shell. He’s titled it THE SLUGGERNAUT — and it brings a few of his latest projects completely full circle, according to the comic con’s official website:

SLIMEAGEDDON, King Slugz, SLUGGTOPIA, and The Shell are all part of a bigger vision — one that hasn’t been fully explained…until now.”

Snails has always been keen on a crisp visual storyline playing out during his live performances, but now the Slugz label head extends his visual narrative into a print version. Snails fans can delve into the first 10 pages of Volume 1: THE SLUGGERNAUT, here. The first volume will arrive November 26.

snails sluggernaut

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