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Tiga & The Martinez Brothers release their debut collaborative EP, ‘Blessed Pt. 1’

When it comes to friendship, gratitude, and music passion, Tiga and The Martinez Brothers take home the gold. The three have long been tastemakers in the tech house world. Now they’ve come together for some of the best work of their careers with the release of the first volume in their two part EP series, titled Blessed, out now on Turbo Recordings.

“This is a true labour of love,” says Tiga of the EP’s first part. “Two of the most refreshingly positive figures in dance music teaming with me, the heartless cynic with a heart of gold. Positivity and actual quality: the best of both worlds.”

Tiga was originally meant to produce tracks for the DJ duo, but the sessions soon evolved into a full-fledged collaboration. The three men manned the studio in psychic unison, laying real-time drum programming and minimal storytelling over a techno foundation to create a truly dynamic dynamic.

“Chris and Steve brought a deep knowledge of house music and DJ energy-flow, while I left my deep hatred of live studio jam sessions at the door,” adds Tiga. “These tracks are tougher, funkier and weirder than 99.3% of contemporary dance music, and it’s all because we were brave enough to get sincere and real.”

The material, which will span two discs, was written and recorded over the course of two sessions at Montreal’s Lost Star Studios. Part II of the collaboration is set for release on The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz label under the name The Martinez Brothers & Tiga, to highlight the importance of fairness in project credits.