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Electric Forest announces 2019 dates, moves back to one weekend

In efforts toward protecting and preserving the ground of Sherwood Forest, the good folks at Electric Forest have announced they will be downsizing the festival to only one weekend in 2019. The move comes as part of a new multi-year conservation plan to protect the habitat for future generations to come.

On the one hand, tickets will be harder than ever to acquire. On the other, Forest Family veterans will likely see it as a move in the right direction. Firstly, because protecting their home is important to them, but also because it creates the potential for returning to a smaller, more intimate Forest home.

“Forest was just too big this [past] year,” says one attendee who came back after taking several years off. “Lots of newcomers, who [didn’t] know the values quite yet, and the heavy traffic flow made the festival lose a lot of its magic and its original charm and intimacy.” Her first Electric Forest was 2012.

Electric Forest 2019 will take place next June 27-30. Stay tuned for more ticket information coming this December.