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Skrillex remixes Travis Scott’s ‘SICKO MODE,’ pair talks possible future collaborations

Every year is a banner year for Skrillex, but 2019 is shaping up to mark his return to dance music (especially with new album whispers in his ear). Before he dives back into the scene that shaped his fame, Sonny Moore is capping off the year with another major hat tip to the hip-hop world. The nod comes in the form of a remix of Travis Scott‘s record-shattering hit, “Sicko Mode.”

The track features vocals from Drake, which Skrillex has done well to leave in tact. In the remixed version, the OWSLA head only lightly touches the original with his shrilling squelches, signature vocal chops, and booming basslines. Skrillex admittedly told Billboard it was a difficult track to remix.

“It’s a tough song to remix you know? There’s already three different songs in one song and then me putting a couple of extra layers on it, is all about doing it justice in my own eyes, ultimately.”

For Scott, he wasn’t even aware that a remix was coming.

“From my end, I saw a little video of him fucking around with it in the studio. I was like, ‘Damn, this shit is fire.’ I didn’t even know if he was going to drop it or not,” Scott shared with Billboard.

But the true meat of the exclusive interview was whether any future collaborations were planned for later down the road. Suffice to say, the two artists were definitely keen on the possibility. Hell yeah! He [Skrillex] was playing me some beats and that shit was crazy,” Scott said to Billboard. Moore went into a little more depth that a collaborative seed had definitely been planted, although it sounds like nothing is officially laid out.

When we were kicking it and working a little bit on the remix, we were kind of hanging out in the studio and I ended up playing him a ton of more beats, Skrillex expanded. “I like taking in everything organic and making everything natural. Doing something together in the future is definitely on the horizon, you know? It’s a vibe for sure.”

Via: Billboard