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Esseks shows off his devotion to left-field bass with ‘Broken Thought’ EP

For just a short time, Esseks has been gracing the bass music world with his delightfully strange sounds and experimental basslines. Now the Brooklyn-based producer has returned to Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label for his Broken Thought EP.

Across this six track EP, Esseks surveys a detectable range of genres touching on glitch infused breakdowns, crunchy drum rumbles, and beautifully fragmented progressions. Each track on the new project grants listeners with wonderful insight into the creative process of left-field bass, as Esseks takes us through the depths of an astounding sonic landscape and beyond.

Along with his epic sounds productions, Esseks is not just a creative mind in the studio. Having hand painted all the artwork for his music, it’s this kind of devotion and attention to detail that continues to stand out for the WAKAAN label. As Esseks continues to transport fans to deeper dimensions since his emergence onto the scene in 2012, his music is likely to keep finding a home at WAKAAN for years to come.