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Illenium intimately details his struggle with addiction in new VEVO interview

Illenium recently opened up about his personal struggle with drug addiction and how his recent single “Take You Down” was inspired by a desperate moment in his life. He’s been clean and sober for over six years now. But before a near-death overdose, which stopped his heart at 21, Nick Miller was in and out of rehab for years.

“Addiction is fucked,” he said blankly in a recent VEVO video interview. “It makes you fall in love with something that can’t love you back.”

Now he’s followed up that narrative with a story of inspiration and courage in a series powered by truth, Ad Council, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. In “Three Thoughts on Addiction,” Miller discusses hitting rock bottom, how influential his mother was in dragging him out of that time, and how he channeled his energy into music making rather than partying.

“Every [new] song is part of a healing process,” Illenium said, “and what helped me stay on the right path was a close community of friends.”