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Lane 8 wraps the year in another eloquent, dormant winter mixtape

Always one for evoking the transgressive power of the changing seasons in his music, Lane 8 has long been giving fans what has become a highly-anticipated quarterly offering. We’re talking about Daniel Goldstein’s popular seasonal mixtapes, of course, which have been arriving for five years now. They’ve become such an important hallmark to the Northern California producer’s namesake that fans can hardly imagine welcoming a new season without Lane 8’s eloquently-timed deliverance.

2018 was undoubtedly Lane 8’s most vibrant year of mixtapes to date. While the spring mix saw a bright and brooding pollination of tracks that signaled the time of rebirth and renewal, summer saw a 5 straight hours of scorching bliss with tracks that marked abundance, happiness, and fulfillment. Then fall came a cool and vibrantly colorful collection of harvested tracks to celebrate the longer nights and earlier nights, with each offering gradually becoming apart of a larger sonic stamp.

The winter 2018 mixtape completes the cycle as we approach another sun cycle. Through four hours of guided mixing and smooth meditative listening, Lane 8 has stamped winter with his dormant mix. The mixtape is ignited with his very own remix of Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices,” before moving into a collection of fellow organic house producer’s tracks, including Yotto’s “Waiting Here,”Icarus’ “Echoes,” and Guy Gerber’s “What To Do.”

Winter marks a time of rest, reflection, and letting the old parts of us die off. A time for deep introspection and quiet contemplation as we remove the things that are no longer serving us well. Like winter, we’ve reached the end of another life phase, and while all may seem gloomy and lifeless, the world is merely hibernating and awaiting the time when life blooms once again. Lane 8’s mixtape exudes these winter metaphors with four hours that offer a stark kind of beauty, a test of endurance, and music stripped down to its bare bones.