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Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo poised for Anti Up’s debut EP release, ‘Hey Pablo’

On their own, Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have established themselves as mavens of house music. So when the two decided to form a more long-term super group project, the world listened. Together, they’ve already released a few high-powered collaborations. The first was the glitchy “Piano Hand,” which premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show back in 2015. The second, “Nothing Better,” arrived two years later on Insomnia Records, with another arriving earlier this year in “Pizza.”

Now comes the first official EP under their joint-moniker Anti Up, titled Hey Pablo. The 3-track EP boasts a slew steady house stompers that harken back to 90s nostalgia house, but with the production value of a 2018 track.

Anti Up’s debut performance took place at last year’s edition of EDC Las Vegas, with their second official festival appearance taking place at CRSSD‘s bi-annual fall installment in San Diego. Catch their next performance at this year’s Decadence Colorado, held inside the Denver Convention Center, December 30 – 31. Grab tickets here.