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Mo Shalizi leaves Red Light for his very own start-up management firm

There’s no doubting that Moe Shalizi has made quite the name for himself among music industry’s elite managers. That’s why it’s high time he flew the coop at Red Light Management to launch his very own agency, The Shalizi Group.

In addition, he’s brought his whole talent roster with him, with marshmello sitting at the top with a cool $23 million in earnings this year. The manager/artist duo were recently featured in the Forbes “30 Under 30” issue, speaking about taking marshmello public one day.

Shalizi spoke fondly of his time at the Los Angeles firm, reflecting on the support of Red Light’s chief executives.

“My four years at Red Light were nothing short of amazing and I am forever grateful for all that I learned from some of the best managers in the business,” Shalizi stated in a press statement. “Coran Capshaw and Bruce Eskowitz have both been extremely supportive of my decision. I just got to a place where I had a vision that required me to go on my own in order to make it happen.”

Bruce Eskowitz, COO at Red Light Management, added “I wish him nothing but the best of luck. He is a great manager and person and I can’t say enough good things about him and what he’s done and going to do in the future.”

Joining Shalizi’s agency at their Los Angeles-based offices is COO Krista Carnegie, along with 12 other staff members. For further information, visit theshalizigroup.com.