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Eric Prydz to unveil his ‘most technically advanced’ live production to date in EPIC: HOLOSPHERE

What do you get when Eric Prydz combines his EPIC and HOLO productions into one giant holographic sphere? Well, no one exactly knows quite yet — but it sounds like the next step in his immersive world.

For years, the Swedish producer and international DJ sensation has been at the forefront of technologic innovation with his cutting-edge live production team. He’s consistently drawn international crowds to his groundbreaking events, the most recent of which is his Adam Beyer b2b Cirez D tour, which will reconvene in 2019 at Ultra’s Resistance Island.

Now Prydz reveals his next tour will feature his “most technically advanced” production to date, which will debut at Tomorrowland this summer. The stage setup, dubbed “EPIC HOLOSPHERE,” was carefully crafted by Prydz and his team, who’ve spent more over two years developing their very own universe. While details of the show are still under wraps, Prydz fans imaginations are going wild at things to come at Tomorrowland 2019.