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KJ Sawka teams with Hi I’m Ghost for ‘Misfits’ EP

Renowned drummer and bass producer KJ Sawka has teamed with the duo Hi I’m Ghost to release a heavy-hitting EP on Kannibalen, Misfits. The four track joint project has all of the blistering drum work that characterizes Pendulum and Destroid veteran Sawka’s sound, combined with the intense unapologetic bass that has seen Hi I’m Ghost make such a splash over the last two years.

The project swerves between hybrid bass, dubstep, electro-house and more, sometimes on the same track. Each song offers a slightly different flavor of the same rowdy headbanging vibe, but it doesn’t feel repetitive. While offering a guttural, almost frantic tone at times, the production is clean and balanced, lending to an experience that keeps the listener guessing and attentive.

The combination of Sawka’s years of expertise with the hunger of relative newcomers Hi I’m Ghost is a powerful one for sure. Stream the Misfits EP below.