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Bonobo releases ‘Ibrik’ to celebrate his forthcoming mixtape series, Fabric Presents

Coming in as Bonobo‘s first release of 2019, “Ibrik” is one track that is sure to sweep listeners on their feet before bringing them gently back down. No wonder why it was premiered on Annie Mac’s hottest records via BBC Radio 1. Powerful strings, bright xylophone dunks, and the soothing back-and-forth of maracas mark the sonic landscape, while rhythmic synths layer to bring a palatable tension a top.

The release, out now on Fabric Worldwide, comes on the head of Bonobo’s soon-to-be-launched mix series for one of London’s most iconic nightclubs, Fabric. The series will be called Fabric Presents, and it’s said to feature even more unreleased gems from Bonobo and friends. Fans will have to wait almost a month for the new mixtape series, which will premiere Friday, February 22.