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Rusko & Bassnectar collaboration ‘has been a long time coming,’ says UK dubstep producer

Rusko has released “Squeeze (Burnin),” the leading single from his forthcoming EP, which he’s just signed over to Zeds Dead’s label. The still-untitled five-track project is due out early spring on Deadbeats.

To mark the single release, the Brit dubstep producer sat down with Billboard to talk more about the new project. Rusko told the magazine that most of the EP’s tracks were around 90 percent finished before he even left on the road his 2018 summer, which explains for why fans were hearing a load of new tunes that he was testing out at Lost Lands and other major festival stages.

“It was my usual trial and error really,” Rusko tells Billboard Dance. “I never work when I’m on the road. I don’t take a laptop or anything. I’m away for two months, and I take my USBs, my headphones and that’s it … It’s good to have to have that break, because when I do get back, I’m stacked with ideas.”

Arguably the biggest reveal of the interview occurred when Rusko casually dropped that he had a collaboration with Bassnectar on the way soon, one he says “has been a long time coming.” In addition, he’s got a series of happy hardcore tunes with Ducky in the works, which isn’t much of a surprise given how the two have been recently spotted in the studio together quite a bit.

“We’re going to do a bunch more and make a whole project out of it, if we can,” he says on working with Ducky. “They just seem to be coming out really quick. She’s really cool to work with, and she’s an amazing singer and vocal writer.”

In the meantime, listen to “Squeeze (Burnin),” which comes with its full music video release this Friday, February 1. Fans should also be looking out for a new Deadbeats Radio mix arriving the following week, February 7,  which will include all the songs on the EP plus loads more IDs in Rusko’s unreleased catalog.

Check out the full tracklist below as well as how Rusko’s describes each track on the EP.



  1. Squeeze (Burnin): “reeks of reggae in its bounce and vocal samples.”
  2. Squirrel Beta: “a rowdy stomper.”
  3. Spatula: “[throwback to the] funkadelic wonk of Rusko’s ‘Woo Boost’ days.”
  4. Open the Feeling: “homage to the old school garage vibes.”
  5. Harcore Raven: “straight old school hardcore.”

Via: Billboard