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Justin Jay teases forthcoming album with vibrant new single, ‘I’m Shy When I’m Around You’

When Justin Jay signed with Dirtybird in 2011, he was just a mere house hatchling. The premiere of his Fantastic Voyage tour in 2017 proved just how much he’d developed in six years. He took to the stage in a live jam band formation. It was an act which fused improvised electro-funk elements with his funk house style. Jay played the synthesizers and the electric guitar, while several of his buddies rocked the keys, bass, and drums.

The tour led to the creation of his very own label by the same name, upon which Justin Jay releases his next single, “I’m Shy When I’m Around You.” The bouncy, euphoric composition is vibrant, glitchy, light-hearted and energetic, all while showcasing Jay’s wildly original style. It’s a style that sounds nothing like any of his Dirtybird compadres, although he’s always been welcome to fly back home to the Dirtybird Players coop.

Fans can expect to see the single on his forthcoming album, Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1. The album hasn’t been assigned a release date just yet but it will arrive on Jay’s Fantastic Voyage label some time during his current tour by the same name, which is going on right now.

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