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Illenium releases first single of 2019 on Bahari-assisted track, ‘Crashing’

Following Illenium‘s November collaboration with Call Me Karizma, and a December remix of Halsey’s “Without You,” Nick Miller is keeping up with his one-every-month track record with another new single for the new year. The single, titled “Crashing,” featuring Los Angeles electronic duo Bahari, is out now on Illenium’s new label, Astralwerks.

Lush in warm synths and swaths of glitchy beats, the single highlights the Denver-based producer’s sonic breadth and depth. Illenium builds a calming musical backdrop for “Crashing,” which sits atop the hypnotic harmonies laid down by Bahari, who share vocals, splitting on keys and bass guitar.

“I really love how this song turned out,” says Illenium of the collaboration. “I heard the demo a long time ago and it always really stuck with me. Working on the song felt natural and I couldn’t have asked for a better duo to work with on it!”

The unique thing about any Illenium track is his enate ability to bring forth feelings of intense déjà vu in his melodies. “Crashing” is no exception, with strong sensations that one has been here before — in these words, in this situation, and with these sounds.