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Kendall Jenner and Fyre Festival promo models facing subpoenas

The Fyre Festival saga continues to burn brightly with more nuclear fallout. The 2017 Bahamian festival melted when Fyre Media owner, serial fraudster, and now convicted felon, Billy MacFarland, promised a luxury private island music festival and attendees arrived at refugee camp conditions.

Now, the two agencies representing supermodels Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Bieber will soon be summoned to court to discuss the business dealings over the payments received from MacFarland in 2017. Reports from one bankruptcy trustee allege that McFarland paid $1.2 million to the modeling agency representing Hadid and Bieber. They were among six other models who starred in the notoriously misleading Fyre Festival promotional video that went viral and sold the festival out in under a month.

A subpoena will also be issued for model and influencer Kendall Jenner, who was paid $250,000 to make a single Instagram post about Fyre Festival. The subpoenas are part of a broad effort to investigate where exactly the $11.3 million paid out by McFarland went in the months leading up to the disastrous event.

Officials estimate McFarland took $26 million from investors and now a bankruptcy court is attempting to find out what happened to it all. The court plans to subpoena multiple talent agencies, including Paradigm Talent and Jerry Media, along with a number of private consultants and PR firms, all of whom received money from MacFarland.

MacFarland kept no accounting records and hasn’t complied with court orders for Fyre Media’s accounting books leading up to its chapter seven involuntary bankruptcy. He is now serving a six-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud, but still maintains his innocence in Hulu’s Fyre Fraud documentary.

H/T: Billboard