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Nero denies Ultra Miami booking in now-deleted tweet

The second phase of Ultra’s always-stacked lineup came out recently, featuring a slew of artists like Dog Blood, k?d, Peekaboo, and more. Fans were delighted to see NERO billed for the mau5trap stage, but the announcement may have come prematurely. After the lineup was posted, the English trio told a different story on their Twitter page:

“Surprised to see we’ve been announced to play @ultra fest. Not something we agreed to or were aware of. We won’t be performing there this year. Apologies.”

An additional tweet read, “Apparently no fault of @ultra but rather crossed wires somehwere along the chain.”

The series of tweets have since been deleted, leading to mass confusion on all sides. Speculation has mounted about what may have happened: Did the group make a mistake? Did Ultra make a mistake? It’s rare that festival lineups are published and then altered, unless major extenuating circumstances come into play.

In recent years, the group has become slightly more fragmented, with members Dan Stephens and Alana Watson getting married in 2015 and announcing they were pregnant in 2017. They also began a side project called The Night, and group member Joseph Ray began producing for a solo project under his own name.

It’s unclear what’s in store for the group’s performance at the festival, and whether they will appear at all. No further statement has emerged from either NERO or Ultra at the moment.