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Book at your own risk: Is Fyre Fest promoting a mysterious New Zealand event?

The fallout from 2017’s disastrous Fyre Festival is still making headlines, thanks to two recent eye-opening documentaries from Hulu and Netflix recounting the festival’s heroic meltdown.

In the documentaries, it was revealed that Billy MacFarland was still planning to muster up a Fyre sequel under his now-bankrupt Fyre Media umbrella. Despite being imprisoned for multiple counts of fraud, MacFarland reasoned that his company’s brand awareness could help to birth a new experience. How’s that for some grade-A master level delusion?

As the Fyre Festival saga continues to churn out new chapters weekly, a mysteriously-branded Facebook event has risen out of the ashes that reaks eerily of MacFarland fraud. The event utilizes the Fyre Festival branding to promote an undisclosed-location event somewhere on the Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand. The public event is hosted under a Facebook Group called The Student Bible, so it could very well be a complete farce.

The event page itself is purposefully vague in detail, giving only a date (February 23) and a description reading “Let’s make Billy’s vision a reality.” Even if the event is just a (bad) joke, the event proves just how culturally pervasive the Fyre brand has become.

The question now is: Do you dare?

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H/T: YourEDM