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Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen say impending Knife Party EP is complete, announce new Pendulum music on the way

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are gearing up for some big music releases in 2019. The Australian production duo plan to release an EP under their Knife Party moniker, the pair’s first since 2015’s Trigger Warning.

During the most recent installment of their weekly podcast, Knifecast, Knife Party says they’ve not only finished the currently untitled version of the short form project, but plan to submit the EP to their label by the end of the week. In a Reddit AMA last year, Rob Swire told fans about the impending EP and revealed the names of the then-IDs.

Swire and McGrillen also said they intend to debut new Pendulum music with Paul Harding. Neither producer offered specifics on just how much Pendulum material is in the works, or when listeners can expect said material to debut. What they did reveal is that they won’t be playing any unreleased Pendulum music prior to its official release.

Of course, none of this news comes as a surprise to loyal fans of Knife Party and Pendulum. But for everyone else, listeners can tune in to the most recent episode of Knifecast to get more specifics.

H/T: EDM Tunes.