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LEAKED: Listen to Avicii and Mike Posner’s collaboration, ‘Change A Thang’

For those who’ve been devout Avicii followers since Tim Bergling hit the ground running in 2011, there’s little question that his passing hit all-too-close to home. Almost a year after his death, a fragment of the unreleased song “Change A Thang” was leaked and fans were both eager for more and stilled with remembrance.

“Change A Thang” is a collaboration with Avicii’s dear friend, Mike Posner, who previously revealed to TMZ that his friend’s death was “a tragic wake up call.” Now, thanks to Reddit, the fruits of their labor is primed to melt hearts and touch souls everywhere. Everything about the track screams Avicii. It serves as a true ode to who Bergling was as an artist. Posner’s smooth vocals are blended seamlessly with Avicii’s production which comes as no surprise. Dare we mention the prime snippet of “Silhouettes” used in the single—it truly strikes to the core.

Fans are equally haunted and honored to be able to experience new music from Bergling months after his tragic death, which sent shockwaves through the dance world last April. Although Avicii is no longer with the world in flesh, his spirit is alive and gleaming brightly throughout the global music scene. 

Click here to listen to “Change A Thang.”