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Fyre Media’s Billy McFarland ordered to pay 3 million after default judgment in lawsuit

Thanks to two eye-opening documentaries from Hulu and Netflix, the torrential Fyre Festival has been catapulted back into the limelight. Among the many counts of fraud, and stories of Billy MacFarland‘s tangled web of lies, deceit, and corruption, are the unfortunate investors, who together got swindled out of 27.4 million dollars.

Now one of MacFarland’s unfortunate investors, EHL Funding, has won its case suing MacFarland for $2,891,600. The company won the lawsuit by default judgment after McFarland failed to respond. According to court documents, the judge ordered MacFarland to hand over the full sum, plus 30 percent interest, dating back to August 2017.

While the ruling is a big win for the investment company, McFarland is currently serving out a six-year prison sentence, so there’s no telling how McFarland is going to pay off the debt. MacFarland also faces a $100 million class-action lawsuit from attendees.

H/T: EDMTunes.