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ODESZA releases 6-track ‘A Moment Apart’ remix add-on pack

ODESZA‘s 2017 A Moment Apart album stands as one consummate encapsulation of their definitive sound. The Seattle-based duo has already released a remix pack for their Sasha Sloan-assisted track, “Falls.” The six-track offering was then followed by a Deluxe Edition of the full album, with instrumental accompaniments of “Falls,” “Higher Ground,” and “Line of Sight,” as well as stunning VIP cuts of “Memories That You Call” and “It’s Only.”

Now ODESZA has released another enamoring collection of add-ons in the newly minted, six-track pack of their favorite remixers. MEMBA crafts a robust, cinematic take two on “Corners of the Earth,” ford. delivers a spine-tingling downtempo cut of “Tall Floors And Ceilings,” and MILD MINDS provides haunting house remix of “Just A Memory,” taking Regina Spektor’s vocals into new domains.

Iranian-American producer Kodak To Graph lays out a blissfully bouncy reinterpretation of “Divide,” while the Melbourne-bred Running Touch provides an energetic reimagining of “Late Night.” As the stand-out track on the project, Chet Porter‘s reinterpretation of “Line of Sight” on a journey through changing tempos, quelling interludes, and new energy.

ODESZA has long been keen on promoting their favorite rising artists vis-à-vis their Foreign Family Collective as well as their many remix packages. A Moment Apart Remixes is no exception, with six new track offerings that fuse original convention with fresh tactile perspectives.

Featured photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella