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Illenium talks new album, two night Red Rocks run, & more in Twitter AMA

Ah, the ole’ AMA—“ask me anything.”

While the forum style of discussion originated on Reddit, it’s become a popular format for artists to converse with their fans directly on other social media channels. Bassnectar just conducted a revealing AMA over Facebook. After taking somewhat of a hiatus from the online world, Illenium has taken to Twitter suddenly to answer fans’ questions and reveal some pretty big news along the way.

From unofficially announcing two days of Red Rocks and a new album release coming this year, to discussing dream collaborators, unreleased track IDs, and his newest live show format, here are 10 things fans learned during Illenium’s Twitter AMA.

1) He’s got a two night Red Rocks run in 2019.

2) There will be a new album this year, although he’s not firmed up on a release date.

3) He’s got a collaboration with Blanke on the way.

4) The title of the new ID he played in Atlanta is “PRAY.”

5) Festival sets this year won’t be in the Awake 2.0 format, but they won’t be DJ sets, either.

6) He’d love to collaborate with Bassnectar, Skrillex, or Porter.

7) He wouldn’t remix “Divinity” by Porter Robinson because “it’s already perfect.”

8) He’s announcing a European tour soon.

9) His favorite remix he’s done is the recent Halsey release.

10) Pineapples do belong on pizza.