When REZZ first spoke about her Sayer collaboration around Christmas time, cult fans stormed the Twitterverse singing their praises over the match-up. “Us working together happened so randomly this week but we’re both pretty hyped,” REZZ explained of how the process began unfolding. Then, last month, she unleashed a short teaser of the unreleased track from her at-home studio, and fans were immediately enamored by the song’s immaculately dark construction.

Now one Reddit fan, @broken_rules23, captured the mindbending mid-tempo composition being played out on video for the first time—or at least the first live-recorded cut. While the ID has yet to receive its official title or release date, Redditers called it “rushed,” “uninspired,” and “predictable.”

Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: as REZZ has become larger-than-life, opinions on her work are becoming more and more polarizing. After all, she did just sell out her REZZ ROCKS show in under an hour, proving the so-called Space Mom is doing something right. We’ll just have to wait for the final product to arrive before making any outward assessments.



Written by Ryan Morse

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