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Petit Biscuit lays down vocals on stunning experimental track, ‘Wide Awake’ [WATCH]

Indie-dance wunderkind Petit Biscuit has reamined a bit under-the-radar since releasing his statement-making debut LP, Presence. The French producer and multi-instrumentalist had previously taken a turn toward experimental sound design in the off-kilter double single offering of “Safe” and “Suffer.”

Almost one month after his eye-opening trip to Iceland, the 19-year-old, born Mehdi Benjelloun, has given fans a glimpse of his introspective travels in the form of a new single, “Wide Awake.” On the track, Petit Biscuit blends chill electronic soundscapes with glitchy bass undertones to highlight the space between analog and digital.

“I wanted ‘Wide Awake’ to be a track that defies genres,” says Benjelloun of the track’s technical aspects. “[I]t encompasses an audacious blend of my world music and chill universe, that ends up completely broken up by bass music. Like a relentless battle between nature and digital.”

More than a stunning experimental production, Benjelloun puts his delicate, lofi-tinged vocals front-and-center, with lyrics that explore the conflict between manhood and holding back emotions out of fear of vulnerability. The track also comes equipped with a mesmerizing music video where CGI gradually transforms to live action, framing the themes of “Wide Awake” in stunning fashion.