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Listen to Louis Futon’s long-awaited debut album, ‘Way Back When’

To say Louis Futon‘s debut album has been a long time coming would be a bit of an understatement. The Philadelphia-born, Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist has been a visible talent in the dance music world ever since his single, “Wasted On You,” was released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. Futon has long treated listeners to his forward-thinking remixes and his popular Beat Challenges as well as remained a staple on festival mainstages.

After announcing his debut album at the latter part of 2018, Louis Futon is now primed to release his full-length studio album, Way Back When. The 14-track offering is an incredibly cohesive work that further fuses the electronic world with R&B and hip-hop. It’s a bridge that Luis Futon has been forging for years now, and Way Back When solidifies his namesake as a staple crossover act between the two worlds.

From the light-hearted keys on “Rewind,” featuring the playful lyrics and rap verses of Ashe and Armani White, to smooth and soulful sax-led tracks like “Venice” and “Silk Jam,” the entire offering is a fun, uplifting commentary on simply being human and learning not to take life too seriously. A stand-out track comes the BXRBER-assisted track, “Fall On Me,” featuring Futon’s electric guitar stylings and R&B vocals and church chorus vocals. As the album’s closing track, the groovy number leaves listeners on an inspired high note, reminding listeners to be there for one another in this game of life.

As a project that Futon says has been two years in the making, the album is bright and radiant, wildly audacious, and incredibly resilient. Way Back When is sure to leave fans smiling from ear-to-ear with its important messages about humanity. Stream Louis Futon’s full debut album below.

Photo credit: Jake Southard