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Porter Robinson partners with Goldenvoice for first curated festival, Multiverse

Porter Robinson officially rattled the mundane Monday workday with the announcement of his first ever music festival, co-presented by Coachella organizers Goldenvoice. Multiverse Music Festival will be held at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, California on Saturday, June 15.

There is a distinct rise in popularity for established artists to expand their vision through all-immersive, highly personalized events for their most faithful of fans. Artists along the lines of BassnectarExcision, and ODESZA have left a huge imprint on this piece of the market, along with Liquid Stranger most recently jumping in for his first curated festival event in Wakaan Festival

The amount of information known about Multiverse is minimal, but it is easily the most talked about announcment of the year thus far. Porter is leaving room for mystery with predictions of who will fit the bill but he promises some of his “favorite artists” will be in on the magic.

Fans are able to sign up for pre-sale access on the festival’s official website.