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EPROM drops heavy new single ‘The Cat’ off forthcoming EP

EPROM has been busy lately. An acclaimed album from his Shades project, an entirely self-produced music video, and an upcoming EP are all part of his recent collective efforts. With each project, he’s been pushing the envelope of creativity further and further, and his newest single takes listeners right to the edge of the howling void.

Potentially the most experimental track he’s released to date, “The Cat” is haunting and minimalist. Filled with dramatic pauses, non-melodic structure and his signature blistering bass waves, it is as mystifying and fascinating as it is arrhythmic. This one certainly takes the “dance” out of “electronic dance music” and would provide a head-scratching (if not downright frightening) experience to many a mainstream listener.

Woe to the uninitiated who innocently walk past a festival stage and stumble upon EPROM playing this track. However, for those who’ve been enjoying EPROM’s work recently–and his tendency to make music that sounds like it’s been sent back from decades into a robot-filled, post-apocalyptic future–you won’t be disappointed.