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EPROM stuns with new ‘Drone Warfare’ visual [WATCH]

For weeks, fans have been teased with cryptic screenshots from bass music mastermind EPROM. Featuring a monolithic red and white digital structure standing in barren landscapes, it was obvious that the producer was excited about something big. With the release of his self-made video for “Drone Warfare,” his creativity has reached new heights yet again.

A hallmark of EPROM’s style has been curating an original sound with full attention to detail of the accompanying audio/visual experience. From his breathtaking live collaborations with G Jones, to his groundbreaking music released under the Shades project with Alix Perez, EPROM is known for pushing the envelope creatively in every direction. The video is no exception. In fact, it’s exceptional. Described as a “personal project” on his Twitter, he wrote, produced, directed, and animated the entire video himself.

Featuring intense cyberpunk elements, futuristic dystopian vibes, and plenty of robots, the only human elements that appear in the video are some background graffiti, a pair of deserted combat helmets, a humanoid robot emerging from an immersion tank, and a pile of skeletons and blood at the foot of a giant computer tower near the end of the video. The imagery calls to mind visions of the Terminator series, Katsuhiro Otomo’s iconic film Akira, or even the ominous stories of Philip K. Dick; as the sun rises and sets in fast forward around EPROM’s haunted, drone-infested world, the bone-rattling bass tones expertly woven into the fabric of the piece leave the viewer chilled and awestruck.

With the announcement of a new single, “The Cat,” coming February 27, and a new EP coming shortly after that, EPROM is taking no breaks, and we couldn’t be happier to be along for the ride.