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Rusko releases fresh music video to ‘Squeeze (Burnin)’ ahead of forthcoming EP

Rusko is fresh off the release of “Squeeze (Burnin)” from last week’s Friday Wrangler with a cerebral music video accompaniment. It’s a dreamy tropical island audio-visual adventure that matches his early sonic roots in UK jungle and dubstep.

The Hunter Moreno directed video stays true to Rusko’s smooth, luscious soundscape, which is chocked of full of retro-fitted dub beats, wobbling basslines, and atmospheric reggae rhythms. Rusko makes an on-screen appearance, alongside Griffin Arnlund, entering a sort of dream state with glitchy visuals and a relaxed Jamaican vibe.

Rusko certainly made his return this past year, and he’s continuing that momentum into 2019 by selling out every road show. With it, he’s bridging his harder tendencies with a more new wave melodic focus on his Megarad EP, out February 22 on Deadbeats, along with more music in the works.