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JOYRYDE releases ‘IM GONE’ from forthcoming album on newly-minted HARD Recs

Since the postponement of JOYRYDE‘s debut album late last year, fans have been sitting in eager anticipation of the long-awaited project. The album, which was speculated to be called Brave, was slated for release on November 30 through OWSLA but was delayed due to “technical reasons,” according to JOYRYDE over his Twitter. However, details surrounding today’s release of “IM GONE” have brought about new questions among fans.

Initially, JOYRYDE touted the Skrillex-assisted “AGAIN WIDA” as the album’s lead single, which was released via OWSLA. Now the project’s title and release date remain a complete mystery. Not only that, JOYRYDE’s single release is now stamped with the HARD Recs label, raising hairs that something political occurred on the formerly-OWSLA aligned project.

“Last year was massive for HARD and Insomniac Music Group, so it was a natural progression to get both teams working together to build a proper label experience,” says Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella in a press statement. “I’m excited for the roster of exceptional talent we’ll be curating for HARD Recs, and JOYRYDE is the perfect person to kick things off.”

On the one hand, great news for Pasquale Rotella and his recently-acquired HARD brand, especially as the single marks the official launch of their HARD Recs label. On the other hand, it begs the question: What happened between JOYRYDE and OWSLA?

It’s always a shame when speculation and politics outshine an artist’s music. However, the song is a deeply personal one for JOYRYDE. A violent bass house tune, he composed the piece upon a realization about the danger of opiates, although the song’s aggressive title and lyrics could duly be read as a message about his predicament with OWSLA.

“I started it while recovering from back surgery on maximum strength opioid pills, explains JOYRYDE of the track.  “Some parts I don’t remember writing. On those days, I realized what it was like to feel my mental health slipping.”

Stream the track and watch the official visualizer for “IM GONE” below.

Photo credit: RUKES