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Illenium adds third day to sold-out Red Rocks run to curb ticket scalpers

Recently, Illenium (real name Nick Miller) announced two of his biggest shows to date at Madison Square Garden as well as in his stomping grounds in Denver. Coming as Miller’s very first two-night Red Rocks run, the event sold out in record time, thus creating a fertile environment for ticket scammers and scalpers to infect his community. Almost immediately, cries broke out over exorbitant resale prices and even a few scams.

Now, much to the relief of his loyal fanbase, Illenium has taken to his Facebook fan group, Illenials, to unofficially announce that he will be adding a third day on Monday, March 18. Miller, like many artists, is staunchly opposed to the unethical practice of ticket scalping. Hopefully, it offers fans a bit of reassurance as well as a reminder to always sell at face value.

Third-night tickets will be available on Monday, March 18 via Illenium’s website.

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Featured photo: 303 Magazine