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BREAKING: Flume to release ‘Hi This Is Flume’ mixtape tomorrow

Everyone knew Flume was unloading new music in 2019. However, no one expected it to come so suddenly and virally as it did with today’s announcement. A little less than an hour again, the Aussie superstar producer took to Twitter to announce a new mixtape by “this time tomorrow,” meaning around 5pm ET/4pm CT/3pm PT on March 20.

There’s no word on whether the mixtape will be older material or newer remixes and unreleased tracks. Given how Flume hasn’t released any new music since 2016’s Skin LP, tomorrow’s arrival could very well fully stocked with new original gems.

Flume did say that 2019 was his year to fans: “Next year I’ll be back in your life, I promise,” he revealed over Instagram. He did recently come out with a new documentary too, which is available for free viewing over YouTube now.