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deadmau5 is hyping up his Cube 3.0 debut in a big way [WATCH]

With his long-awaited debut of the Cube 3.0 looming, deadmau5 has zero remorse for the anticipation he’s been generating amongst fans. He’s been teasing the infamous rig’s Ultra debut thorough a self-rendering of the visuals via Twitch, followed by a full rehearsal show in Park City, and an entire Cube 3.0 tour after its global debut.

Now Joel Zimmerman has released a series of short clips and pictures over Twitter to give fans a taste of the Cube 3.0’s majestic beauty. He’s also released a time-lapse video teaser in which his team of visual engineers and stage designers construct the rig from the bottom up. The short minute-and-thirty second montage shows just how intricately the Cube 3.0 comes together in preproduction.

In terms of function and pure form, deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 presentation will surely be one of Ultra’s most visually impressive and technologically advanced shows over the entire weekend. Deadmau5 closes out Ultra Miami’s Live Arena on Saturday, March 30.