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Watch Alison Wonderland and RL Grime go b2b at ODESZA’s Sundara Festival

RL Grime and Alison Wonderland just confirmed they were in the studio together. Although an official track is long from seeing the light of day, the two already collaborated in a big way this past weekend. While out at Foreign Family Collective’s Sundara Festival, an all-inclusive Mexico destination event curated by ODESZA, the two joined forces as one of the weekend’s most in-demand billed acts. It happened in the form of a powerhouse, late-night back-to-back performance.

Thankfully, one committed outlet managed to capture thirty minutes of the set on video for everyone’s viewing pleasure. From an opener that included a mash-up between Wonderland’s “Happy Place” versus RL Grime’s “Reims,” to remixes of everyone from Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar to Green Velvet and Fisher, with plenty of original gems along the way, the two veteran producers absolutely slay during Sundara late nights.

View Alison Wonderland and RL Grime’s b2b Sundara set below, and view the entire tracklist here.