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REZZ just announced her next EP is finished

Recently, powerhouse producer REZZ took to Twitter to announce that she has a new project on the way. She’s been absolutely on fire for the last two years, releasing two albums, an acclaimed audio/visual Halloween mixtape, and collaborating on a plethora of songs with up-and-comers and legends alike. It looks like she won’t be slowing down at all as she keeps the momentum rolling into 2019 and beyond.

The title of the project is unclear, but the announcement includes a brief nod to the fact  that the project will include video as well. Her 2018 album Certain Kind of Magic was a definitive statement on her rightful thrown as electronic music royalty. Now fans can look forward to new iterations of her distinctly sinister style soon.

There’s no release date yet, but rest assured that the world of bass will be watching with rapt attention for fresh music from REZZ.