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Thousands of Ultra attendees left stranded on Virginia Key without transportation

Anytime a festival is forced to switch up locations, there’s bound to be hick-ups along the way, especially for a global event like Ultra Music Festival with its sheer size and scale. But the events that took place on night one of Ultra Miami were a far cry from minor “hick-ups,” with attendees even criticizing and poking fun at the event for being “Fyre 2.0” and “Fyre Festival lite.”

When the festival let out for the first night, thousands of attendees were reportedly stranded on the island of Virginia Key when there weren’t enough festival shuttles to accommodate the droves of people leaving the festival. To make matters worse, Ultra had previously banned ride share platforms to pick up in the event, with the original intention of curbing the traffic nightmare. But what proceeded instead was a massive traffic jam of humans walking the miles-long trek from the keys into the mainland, with the shuttles even being blocked up to transport attendees back and forth.

The events are an infrastructure problem that Ultra attendees could’ve have foreseen ahead of time. Thankfully, Ultra organizers immediately addressed the problem in a Twitter post, apologizing to fans and promising them a speedy fix for night two.

Read Ultra’s official statement via Facebook: