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Fire breaks out at Ultra Music Festival

LocalTo say Ultra Music Festival has had it’s fair share of venue struggles this year would be like equating mountains to molehills. Nevermind that acquiring their space on Virginia Key was met with protest and lawsuits. On the first evening of Ultra’s 22nd annual affair, attendees were stranded leaving the festival when transportation infrastructure basically crumbled.

“The shuttle buses were overcrowded or just stopped running altogether,” according to CBS 4 Miami. “So instead people just started walking, completely filling up the causeway, preventing other buses from running.”

On the way out of the event, when festival goers had to walk the hours-long journey from the keys to the mainland, some attendees caught video footage of a fire breaking loose in the festival grounds. There’s been conflicting reports about the cause of the fire. According to a source at the festival, a tree was engulfed in flames and was suspected to be caused from the festival’s fireworks. Another claim came from a festival attendee, who said that a security officer caused the fire when they put out their cigarette.

The raging fire was near one of the exits of the event and caused more issues for people attempting to leave the festival, reporting up to two hour walk times from the festival entrance to their hotel rooms.

Featured photo: RUDGR