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Thoreau delivers on heartfelt single, ‘Silence’

Colorado singer-songwriter Thoreau has made a habit out of offering genuine looks into his life’s ups and downs, and the results have been rewarding. From last year’s debut EP Reflections, to a series of singles over the past few months, his body of work is consistently filled with head-nodding beats and evocative lyrics. “Silence” builds on that same trend, providing a look into the artist’s struggles over an instantly memorable instrumental.

From a simple but intense guitar riff laid over a boom bap drum pattern, Thoreau takes the listener on a journey punctuated with soaring vocal harmonies and packed with feeling. As a heart monitor-like tone repeats and echoes solemnly, the sparse, reverberating instrumentation and clever use of–you guessed it, silence–give the track a melancholy and even somewhat haunting feeling. Thoreau seems just as comfortable singing as well as rapping, delivering lyrics ranging from depression and addiction to expressions of gratitude and ultimately, triumph.

“Silence” is a polished and excellently produced piece of music, gleaming with authenticity and vulnerability. We’ll certainly be interested in hearing more from the multi-talented producer soon.