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Spotify hits 100 million mark in paid subscribers around the globe

Despite Apple Music recently boasting more paid US subscribers than Spotify, the Swedish streaming giant is still very much in a league of its own. Now, Spotify is celebrating record-high in subscribers around the globe.

In its first-quarter earnings report, released today, April 29, the Sweden-based company announced it had surpassed 100 million paid subscribers at the end of March. As the world’s largest music streaming platform community, Spotify has been able to accomplish such a feat mostly because they extended services into India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa earlier this year, growing its presence to 79 world countries. for comparison’s sake, Apple Music reported 50 million global subscribers at the close of 2018.

The report also noted a 32-percent increase in Spotify subscribers and a 26-percent increase in total monthly active users, year over year. As the streaming wars rage on, it will be interesting to put these number against Apple Music’s first-quarter numbers in 2019. The two companies remain the dominant music streaming platforms.

Read Spotify’s full quarterly earnings report here.