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Eric Prydz remixes Camelphat & Cristoph’s hit single, ‘Breath,’ ft. Jem Cooke

Seems as if it was only a matter of time before Eric Prydz remixed Camelphat and Cristoph‘s “Breathe.” The 2018 hit track was released on Pryda Presents, after all. As a producer of any kind of electronic music, having a legend like Prydz retouch your track is gigantic honor in itself.

That’s not to say “Breathe” isn’t amazing on its own. As a sensual and invigorating house track, the original collaboration comes with driving steady beat built from warm synths and ambient strings, as Jem Cooke’s vocals float around the track. Prydz merely stretches the song to its limits, doubling its length in minutes and injecting a dose of industrial techno into its core. The result is a pulsatingly smooth and effortless remix that has listeners holding onto Prydz’s every twist and turn.