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Desert Dwellers release fourth piece in elemental series, ‘Breath’

The enchanted elemental collection has reached the fourth and final element, air. The project is helmed by the markedly talented world duo, Desert Dwellers, who’ve helped paved a way for music of all kinds to unify through experimental sounds and worldly instrumentation.

Coming as the final installment of the four part series resembling the world’s natural elements, the 10-track Breath album is a long time coming, to say the least. The first two releases of the collection came back in 2006 with Flames and Waves, respectively. Here, the group displayed an exotic mix of chill downtempo beats and bold harmonic advances to fuse yogic meditation music with electronic elements. The forward-thinking projects evolved into the third element, earth, when Roots was released in 2009. This piece in the musical tapestry sparked immediate interest in the psytrance and dub communities and came along with a timeless groove threaded throughout the project.

Finally, the fourth element, Breath, is meant to be just that, taking listeners on a smooth transcendental journey of calm, yet complex, soundscapes. This is meant to be more than an album. For Desert Dwellers, it’s a cornerstone element of our being. For all intents and purposes, Breath represents the open, fluid characteristics of air—in all its majestic invisibility and taken-for-granted nature—with tranquil house beats and hypnotic vocals. From the beginning of “Praise Her, the Fire Keeper” to the final moments of “To Be the Air,” this album will have listeners in a trance of self-discovery, leaving them grateful for the simple gifts in life.