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Jai Wolf brilliantly articulates the stakes of marshmello’s continual silence over CHVRCHES & Chris Brown controversy [OP/ED]

Jai Wolf has long been known for being one of the more politically conscientious and vocal producers in the world of electronic dance music. Now, he’s standing up for Lauren Mayberry, lead singer of CHVRCHES. The Cure To Loneliness producer recently took to Twitter to publically lambast marshmello for his continued silence regarding the death and rape threats being hurled at Mayberry by Chris Brown fans.

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CHVRCHES and marshmello collaborated on “Here With Me,” performing the single together just last months at Coachella.

The catalyst for the threats came after Chris Brown told the Scottish band he hoped they “walked in front of a bus full of mental patients,” after Mayberry spoke up condemning marshmello for supporting a convicted abuser like Brown. The comments, while extremely immature and un-PC, had some very real-life effects. CHVRCHES had to turn off commenting on their Instagram when the online bullying became so rampant. CHVRCHES have also reportedly since stepped up security at their shows due to safety concerns.

Jai Wolf’s brilliantly articulated comments are a much-needed reminder to every person in the music industry—not just marshmello—who stands for justice, peace, and equality. It boils down to this: Mayberry’s comments were motivated by love and protection, Chris Brown’s were motivated by hate and defensiveness. Beyond what was initially said by both parties, the fallout has life-and-death consequences, especially in our age of rampant online bullying. marshmello’s continued silence only further proves his complicity, which Mayberry pointed out from the start. If nothing else, it’s high time marshmello speaks up and uses his platform to condemn this cycle of violence.

Read Jai Wolf’s powerful comments below.