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Must the show go on? Woodstock needs $30 million by the end of the week

Nobody knows quite whether Woodstock 50 is actually going to happen. This 3-day music and arts festival is scheduled to take place in Watkins Glen, New York on August 16-18. In order for the show to go on, as Michael Lang claims it will, Woodstock Ventures LLC must come up with $30 million very soon.

If organizers do not come up with the sum by the end of the week, it is very likely that artists will begin to back out. Monetary struggles aren’t only one problem that Lang and company are currently facing however. Organizers still have not acquired all the required permits needed to host this event. In addition, they are knee-deep in a lawsuit with their former investors, who took it upon themselves to announce the festival was cancelled, leading to a PR nightmare that could spell Woodstock 50’s demise.

Some fans, both new and old, have faith that this will all work out. On the official Woodstock website, they share plenty of quotes from these optimistic fans. “I am excited and hopeful that Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Celebration will all work out! A lot of people are counting on coming” one fan says.

Some truly believe that Lang will find a way to pull this off, saying, “I am a modern day hippie and Woodstock has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl; I HAVE FAITH!!! My flights are already booked; can’t wait to be there in August!”

With the festival scheduled to take place in less than 100 days and tickets not yet on sale, other fans are not so sure.