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Hotel Garuda delivers dazzling indie electronic gem, ‘Head In The Trees’

Aseem Mangaokar, formerly Candle Weather, recently released his first single as a solo artist since he and Manila Killa decided to part ways. Still representing the Hotel Garuda moniker, Mangaokar debuts another new track, titled “Head In The Trees.”

If nothing else, Hotel Garuda certainly steps out of his comfort zone by laying down vocals on the track, along with full writing and producing of the song’s beautiful melody. He was nervous about the song’s reception at first, sharing that it’s the most personal and representative song of his life yet. “Head In The Trees” is a much different than anything else Hotel Garuda has released, and for a good reason.

Mangaokar says, “I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously as an artist until I made something that was entirely mine.” So he did just that, releasing this groovy indie-electronic jam that features his own soothing vocals.