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CloZinger’s highly-anticipated 4-track ‘Royal’ EP has arrived

CloZinger is the long-time joint project of French tribal bass producer CloZee and fellow Toulouse-based producer Scarfinger. The dynamic duo have been working together for years, bringing the world full-length projects like The Bandits, Breathe, and Happiness, and more recently, the Sinking and Forest Echo EPs.

Coming as their ninth collaborative project is the four-track Royal EP, out today, the four-track short form is a powerful sonic effort oscillating between tribal bass, hip-hop, world, downtempo, and glitch-hop. From the haunting opening track, “Lone Wolf,” all the way to EP’s closing track, “The Renegade Queen,” CloZee and Scarfinger prove once again they are a match made in heaven, working effortlessly to bridge their styles into one powerful piece.