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BREAKING: Hulaween 2019 is happening, festival’s talent buyer says all debts being paid off

It’s no secret that Suwannee Hulaween had fallen on hard times earlier this year. The trouble all began when the festival’s organizers, Silver Wrapper, began booking mega-acts like Jamiroquai and Jonealle Monáe, both acts that long-time Hulaween attendees said belonged at Coachella. Then, news broke that the humble jamtronica festival couldn’t pay it’s smaller artists. Due to the debts owed, Silver Wrapper was forced to completely dissolve itself as organizers began the search for new investors to carry on the Hulaween name.

But Hulaween attendees knew the festival wasn’t going anywhere. The vibe and energy of Spirit Lake was enough for any big-time investor to want hop on the saddle. And so it was true, even in the midst of so much speculation, rumor, ridicule, and worry. Recently, Michael Harrison Berg, one of the lead talent buyers of the festival, hopped on social media on behalf of founder Paul Levine, stating, “We wanted to…let people know that Hula 2019 IS HAPPENING.” Berg even gave dates for the festival, October 24-27, which comes as no surprise given how the festival has historically fallen on the weekend before Halloween.

Berg then went on to discuss the festival’s many debts, thanking their new investors, which has to this point been a mystery, although organizers have said it’s not Live Nation.

“It’s important to us to let everyone know that many of the outstanding 2018 Hula bills have indeed been paid,” continues Berg. “Arrangements towards the others are being handled currently, thanks to our new financial partner.”

In any case, attendees can start marking their calendars for a Suwannee return come fall time. Suwannee Hulaween 2019 is all-but-official. Read the full statement below.

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Photo credit: Aaron Bradley