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Hulaween promoter Silver Wrapper calls it quits, future of Suwannee festival uncertain

Suwannee Hulaween has been one of those festivals with a reputation that lives up to its name. As one of Halloween’s most in-demand, always sold-out festival experiences, trouble struck earlier this year when an artist called public attention to its financial struggles. The artist alleged that the promotion company behind the festival, Chicago-based jam music promoter, Silver Wrapper, still owed him and countless others payment almost three months after the event.

When the allegations turned out to be true, Silver Wrapper founder, Paul Levine, gave a humble and timely apology, attributing the lack of payment on “accounting errors” that led to “poor decisions and overspending.” Now Silver Wrapper has come forth to officially close down its operation for good.

In a rather lengthy post, The Silver Wrapper team explained the twenty-year history of the company, a few reasons for disbanding, and some note for the future.

“Even with the Silver Wrapper brand taking a final bow, have no doubt that everyone that is part of Silver Wrapper will continue to be a part of entertaining people,” Silver Wrapper explained in a farewell post. “…albeit under different entities, brands or outlets, and not all together as one, we plan to continue this 20-year tradition well into the future.”

While the announcement is saddening for Hulaween fans, there is chatter among the festival family forums that Live Nation is in talks to buy out the brand. While the purchase would mean the end of an era for an independently owned event, it does create hope for a future of Hulaween at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park.

Read the full statement from Silver Wrapper below.

Silver Wrapper co-founder, Michael Berg, also announced that he will retain roles with Hulaween, North Coast, Manic Focus, Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, and more. The news sparks further speculation that talks with Live Nation are going well over the future of Suwannee Hulaween.